Penalty Removal Services

Out Of Thousands Of Website , Not A Single Site Was Ever Penalized

Recently there has been lot of hue and cry after google algorithmic updates. Google Panda and Google Penguin affected more than 30% of the sites worldwide. Millions of websites making thousands of dollars per month went bankrupt. But fortunately each of our client's site reported increase in ranking when there was pandemonium around.

Why Google Has Penalized Your Website ?

Have a look on the Following Factors :

  1. Links from pages having no content
  2. Poor quality links from irrelevant sites
  3. Links from sites crammed with advertisements
  4. Same content for multiple submissions
  5. Absence of SMO in the overall SEO plan
  6. Content farming with low value articles and blogs for Google/users
  7. No site moderation

How Do We Do It ?

  1. Will Remove All the Black hat Instances from your website made by Your Old SEO Company.
  2. Will Remove The Un-Natural Links made by Your OLD SEO Company.
  3. Will make your website 100% Free From Spam.
  4. Will Create The Report & send to Google For Reconsideration.
  5. Will Work From Scratch according to the Google Guidelines.
  6. White Hat Startegies can take time but will provide you Long Lasting Results.

Please have a look on given
Important Facts

  1. 95% So called "SEO Companies" are Using Black Hat Techniques.
  2. 95% So called "SEO Experts" Don't even know that what it WHITE HAT SEO .
  3. 95% SEO Companies are providing "CHEAP SEO SERVICES" so if you are looking for "cheap" then how can you get the High Quality
  4. Black Hat is like a Child Game any one can do that .
  5. White Hat can only be Done By Highly Qualified SEO Experts who knows the Strategies , Calculation & Safety measurement.
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