If you are looking only for Potential customers who are interested to buy products or services from your website then we will advice you to subscribe our Traffic Booster Service .

This is Pay-Per-Performance based SEO Plan

How Traffic booster Plan Works?

We bench mark your websites current status through standard and reliable web analytic tool. We fix a price with you (based on your website theme and competition that it faces) for every new unique visitor that we send to you through organic search engine traffic.

What are the advantages of this plan ?

You can boost your traffic (potential customers / visitors) by using this plan . More Potential Customers = More Sales = More Profits .

How Do Payment Works?

There is a setup fee that we take for the initial setup that we do for the website in terms of on-page optimization of the website, We will set up a price agreed upon during the initial agreement on a monthly basis for per unique visitor ,the cost of which will depend on the complexity of the website.

We are ready to go.

We Optimize the website in terms of on-page, Their after our team will continue to work on your website, month on month basis to generate relevant traffic for your website.

How we will increase your Traffic ?

We have highly qualified SEO experts for your projects,First of all we will analyse your provided keywords and your competition deeply and then we will start Social Optimization for you , which will help you to reach directly to the clients who are associated with your competitors directly or indirectly or they are using the services or interested in the product searched by them .

We will show them the positive differences of the quality you are providing or the offer provided by you along with your landing page which will force them to check your service / product instantly , it means they will come to your website with their own interest. This plan is the most accurate to get only the POTENTIAL customers.

About Traffic Booster

This plan is very helpful for the following websites

  1. Ecommerce websites
  2. Affiliates websites
  3. Advertising websites
  4. PPC websites
  5. The websites who shows their ads by various online services.
  6. Any one who wants to increase their Potential visitors by white hat SEO.

I have done SEO then how this plan can help ?

We know that even getting the top 10 position , some time did not give you the results as you have expected , it is because

  1. Some time you have mistakenly done the SEO job for non-profitable keywords
  2. Your website have some unknown problems which is not converting your visitors into buyers.
  3. The bounce rate of your website is more that is why you are not getting the targeted visitors.
  4. Your visitors are not getting the right landing page through SERPs.
  5. You have very high competition in your industry (niche) .

How I will come to know that I am getting the Potential Visitors. ?

  1. You will start getting more reviews on your blogs
  2. You will start getting more queries on your products / services .
  3. The click rate will dramatically increased on your websites advertisement which will be 100% safe traffic with different IPs .
  4. Your email list will start growing with an improved rate.
  5. Your twitter ,face book,stumble etch all types of social accounts with start getting more and more friends and followers.
  6. You can check your web analyzer on your hosting account which will clearly show that you have got more Visitors and the page views will be more .
  7. Finally and the most important , You will increase your sales / Clicks , which will increase your profits.

How this plan will affect my SEO work ?

By using this plan you will start getting potential visitors to your websites , it means

  1. They will spend more time on your website as they are really interested in your service/ product . It will create more Page views .
  2. Your bounce rate will decrease incredibly.
  3. You will get PAGE RANK for the targeted pages as google give more PR to high traffic pages.
  4. You will get HIGHER SERP in a very short time period.
  5. Your website will become an AUTHORITY WEBSITE with in a short time period
  6. You will get SITELINKS for your website.